I’m Tired, and Yes, I’m Whining.

Okay, so sorry it’s been a little while but those of you that have done this before me, have reassured me that I’m normal for feeling slightly unmotivated and foggy. So here’s the thing first time mommas out there, if you’re tired, you’re not alone!! Growing a human is one of the most beautiful and [...]

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Eat Like You Love Yourself

I have always loved food. Like really, I love flavor, spice, tacos. Especially tacos. On a serious note, food is life. But, I’ve been able to manage my cravings and I do have a lot of education surrounding nutrition. It’s something that I’ve always been interested in. I’ve been able to train myself to allow [...]

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Putting Away the “Skinny Clothes”

Jake: "Are you crying?" Me: As I sniffle, "yes, I was crying" Jake: "Why are you crying?" then start hysterically crying. Jake pulls me away from the laundry bin and onto his lap. Jake: "Why are you crying?" I didn't respond, "do you even know why you're crying" he laughs which makes me laugh and [...]

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Whoever Made Up The Term Morning Sickness, Must Have Been A Man

During my first trimester I encountered some “morning sickness” I say that in quotations for lack of a better word. Morning sickness is a joke (at least for me). It was more like evening sickness, post dinner or ALL DAY sickness some days. The term morning sickness must have been established from a male contributor [...]

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Determined To Have A Healthy Pregnancy

Being in the industry that I am in, I am a firm believer that eating healthy makes you feel good and working out makes you feel even better. Having a healthy balance of both has been my life the past few years. Pre-pregnancy I was working out 6-7 days per week, eating clean 80% of [...]

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Cramping While Pregnant is Normal, Bleeding While Pregnant Is Normal, Having Cramping and Bleeding at the Same Time is Not Okay

Weeks went by and my pregnancy was still a secret. I almost felt like I was lying to people even though no one asked. My husband (as cute as he is) decided to design these shirts (picture posted above) to announce to our parents that we were expecting! I was sweaty and nervous as we [...]

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Finding Out You’re Pregnant and It Not Being The Happiest Moment of Your Life…

After getting married in December of 2016 I couldn’t wait for our honeymoon! After all the planning, all the events and all of the stress leading up to a wedding day, a honeymoon is MUCH needed. Agreed? Well my husband and I had worked with a travel agent and decided for what we were looking [...]

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