Mom Brain: Yes, This is a Thing.

During my pregnancy I have experienced multiple (too many to even count) times where I have forgotten details, names of people I talk to every day, and events that happened yesterday (including what I wore). This is something I was warned would happen and I kept hearing, "oh don't worry it's just a case of [...]

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Post Partum Depression… It’s a real thing…

 “It will be the best experience of your life.” “You will never know love until you have a baby.” “It is instant, natural, best feeling.” This is what I was told and this was stuck in my head. From the moment I found out I was pregnant, I was told it is the greatest/worst experience [...]

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Guest Author for Ohana Mama’s Corner – Amanda Glaros

Everyone, I would like you to meet Ohana's first guest author! My sister, my rock, and my best friend, Amanda Glaros. She is a new mom and has been hugely helpful to me during my pregnancy and basically what to expect when you're expecting. She will be writing some blog posts and chiming in as [...]

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First Comes Baby Shower, Then Comes Baby?

The baby shower is over and oh my goodness was it absolutely perfect. My family went over and above to plan a special celebration for my husband and I (and baby S)  and did they ever bring it! The best part was, it was a complete surprise! They planned it all and I didn’t have [...]

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Mom Shaming, It’s A Real Thing.

Man, when did it become okay to mom shame someone for every single decision they make. When did it become okay to essentially bully someone publicly because they are doing something that isn't exactly in line with your personal experience or beliefs. When did it become okay to tell someone how she should feel about [...]

By |2017-08-29T11:48:31+00:00August 29th, 2017|Mamas Corner|9 Comments

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