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2 Weeks Unlimited Classes for $32!

For Clients New to Ohana Fitness Only

2 Weeks Unlimited Classes for $32

For Clients New to Ohana Fitness Only

Why Choose Ohana?

We are a women’s only studio that focuses on creating a safe and welcoming environment where you can build your strength and confidence from the inside out. Whether you are looking at increasing your energy levels, shedding a few pounds, or you just need to get out of the house and meet some new friends, we are the place for you!

Our programs are specifically engineered for a women’s body and we take pride in creating a comfortable, fun and social experience with like-minded women. We offer a variety of group fitness classes, 1 on 1 personal training and nutrition consulting for all fitness levels.

Barre, Yoga, Total Body Transformation, Bootcamp and more!

What is Ohana?

Ohana means family.

What is Ohana?

Ohana means family.

Meet Your Team

Meet Your Team

Why We Love Ohana

Janae Rose

A year ago I was looking into getting into really good shape for my wedding. After joining a local gym and seeing minimal results I knew I had to kick it up a notch and seek other options. I came across Ohana on Facebook, and set up a meeting with Sam. I will never forget my first class at Ohana. The first exercise was a plank off to see who could hold a plank the longest. From that class on I became hooked, Ohana pushed me to new levels of fitness and the comradery in this gym is like no other. Sam and Erin are two of the most genuine and influential people who truly push you to be the best person you can be be both mentally and physically. I have met so many amazing women at this gym through the gym itself and the Little Black Dress program and have embraced a healthier lifestyle. I will also mention that I love Ohana so much I travel 45 minutes to get to their classes, that is how phenomenal this gym is. You will not regret joining this gym, it is truly one of a kind.

Karyn Thomas

I participated in Ohana's Little Black Dress Challenge and it more than exceeded my expectations. I loved that it provided healthy meal ideas and taught you how to fuel your body properly, I learned so much about nutrition that I didn't know and I'm still learning from all the amazing advice Erin and Sam give. They are both extremely encouraging and keep a presence through the entire program and even after. Ohana means family and Erin and Sam really live up to that and so do their members. They make you feel very welcomed when you come to classes so you never feel like an outsider. If you need motivation, they will help boost you! I'm extremely impressed with Ohana and I'm very happy that I decided to be part of the Ohana family

Katie Attard

The support and sincere LOVE I got from joining Ohana and LBD8 was completely unexpected. I’ve known from the beginning that this place and these women were special, but spending this four weeks of nurturing our bodies and facing our demons was beyond any fitness challenge I’ve ever experienced. It is a program like no other, guaranteed. I’ve built solid, lifelong friendships, inspired others and BEEN inspired by others. I’ve had more support in this one month span than I’ve ever had in the 5 years I’ve really been focused on my health. This is what has set me up to be ME again. After an entire year postpartum trying to get back to feeling confident in my abilities and success, I’m finally feeling “it”. I thank God daily for blessing my life with all He has, and these ladies are part of those prayers.

Kim Johnson

It’s not easy for me to share vulnerable pieces of my life with strangers, but I hope by doing so, I can help others that may be fighting similar battles. I’ve struggled with yo-yoing weight my entire adult life. I’ve always been good at losing weight, but never about keeping it off. My weight struggles peaked almost 3 years ago, when I was diagnosed with MdDS, a rare neurological condition. I struggled daily with dizziness, headaches, fatigue, and brain fog. To no surprise, over a period of months, my weight creeped up over 30 lbs. 2 years ago, I made the decision to quit my job to pursue an opportunity to live and work in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Soon I found myself not only struggling with the daily symptoms of MdDS, but also with anxiety surrounding a new life and career. It became so bad, I was having daily palpitations (racing heart beat) and trouble sleeping.

At this point I decided it was time to change my life. My friend Erin, had just become involved with Ohana Fitness and Wellness, and I decided I was ready to try their Little Black Dress Program. This was my last resort before I went back to my doctor and asked to be put on medications for my anxiety. At first the program was overwhelming and I had no idea if I would even be able to do it. I work 12 hour night shifts, sometimes up to 8 in a row. The first round I tried I did fail and not finish, but Erin encouraged me to try again. I am so glad I did! Since last January, I have lost over 30 lbs and more amazingly have kept it off. I’ve also dropped my resting heart rate over 20 beats per minutes and am no longer having palpitations. My anxiety and MdDS symptoms are better than ever which is so much more important to me than any pound lost.

I still have a lot more I would like to accomplish, but I know Erin and Sam will help me get there. I have never been more consistent with diet and exercise in my life. No matter how far off track I get at times, LBD is there every 3 months to remind me to get back on the horse. The women in the group are so supportive and motivating. If they can’t motivate you, no one can! What is more amazing is that I’ve done this all from home. I have never stepped foot in the Ohana studio, although I hope to soon to meet all of the friends I have made through this experience. Erin and Sam are truly life changers. They have changed my life from 8 hours away. Imagine what they can do for yours!

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